Justin Coopersmith - Fine Art


My lifelong career as a professional artist formally began with undergraduate and graduate training as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. I have been greatly influenced by the vibrant colors and textures of Picasso, Kandinski and Gustav Klimt.

Designing and creating mixed-media art enables me to “bring to life” my passion for complex and rich patterns. The juxtaposition of unrelated objects, art mediums and textures give the viewer an exciting visual experience. Layers of paint, oil pastels and metallic finishes make a rich palette both contemporary and timeless in nature. Tonal vibrancy, glistening surfaces and intricate patterns create a dialogue between the images and observer.

My journeys and unusual life experiences culminate in an exploration of textures, hues and shapes. In my studio late at night, when fatigue and artist block occur, I push myself into a state of visual trust. Having built a well-supplied and organized work space enables me to concentrate on experimental and exciting mixed-media techniques. Of course, I’m often surprised and amazed at the results in the morning!